1. How to Organize an Office Filing System

    We all have the best intentions when it comes to being organised, but who actually sticks to it? Here's some of our tips to help.


    Stick with the same labeling system

    If you use front labels and file behind the tab, stay consistent and do it across all your files. If you use color folders for particular reasons, keep using those colors.


    Organize by Importance

    Anyone who has ever searched through files understands the desire to find exactly what you need quickly instead of finding lots of things you don’t need. Try organizing your office files in order of importance to make document retrieval more enjoyable for everyone.


    Leave space in the drawer for new files.

    By purging every year to make room for the files, it will not only help your filing system stay current but it will also make your system more refined with what is going on that current year.

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  2. How many desks can you fit in an office?

    Offices obviously vary significantly in terms of size, shape and layout, making it hard to say exactly how many desks you will be able to include. To help you work out what might be best for your particular office, keep reading.

    How much desk space is needed per person?

    According to Regulation 10 of the Workplace Regulations 1992, your employees are entitled to work in a space which provides sufficient floor area, height and unoccupied space for the purposes of health, safety and welfare.

    In terms of numbers, the ACOPs provide a more specific formula. These guidelines state that when empty, the total volume of the room divided by the number of employees that normally work within in it should be 11 cubic metres as a minimum. To apply this calculation, the room or any part of the room that is more than three metres in height should be considered as three metres high.

    Ideally, the desk space should be large enough to accommodate all of the employee’s equipment, including their computer screen, keyboard, mouse and any other accessories they may need, such as a telephone handset or paper filing tray. 

    What is the average square foot needed per person?

    Based on an average office you should allow between 100 – 250 square foot per person. However, this is largely dependant on head count and your industry type.

    Other key things to consider

    How many employees do you currently have?

    How much equipment do you have?

    Do you plan to take on more staff?

    Do employees need an individual desk?

    What style of office would work best for your company?


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